Friday, March 13, 2009

Frusciant out of Red Hot Chili Peppers !? Goodbye Good Guitar!

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Yeah, It seems that all my thinkings about the John & Red Hot Band were right!

He gave an interview where he speaks clearly this:
"I'm not interested in being in a band anymore." (English)

"Eu não estou mais interessado em tocar numa banda."(Portuguese)

"No estoy interesado en estar en una banda más" (Spanish)
Well, now what you think? Can Red Hot exists without the guitar man? I'm not so shocked because I alreay have posted things previewing this ( here) in certain way I'm being preparing myself to this during the SA tour.
However John will continue to play and record as himself have said! The question that I don't even risk myself to solute is: the Chili Peppers will go on?! (with New guitar again, I don't think so)

I don't believe that the only reason which makes John Frusciante goes out of band is the long tours... I guess it have more about the internal relantionship among John & Chad & Kieds.

The best RHCP disc IMHO is the Stadium Arcadium but look at the Tour shows, The BTW Tour is SO MUCH BETTER than Stadium Arcadium, they're more connected in BTW tour: John talks with A.K, they made some "mess" around... but on SA tour they're almost don't interact between them, all this can be my impression but this is what I saw. If the reason was only the long tour they're should made and goodbye-show, showing to everyone that they're friends but they will not be in a band anymore for personal reasons. (but this goodbye-show-tour won't gonna happen!)

I can realy keep hearding Chili Peppers with new Guitar but I can confirm eager the RHCP as you knew WILL NEVER MORE EXISTS. (without John Frusciante)

One more time, all this is my personal opinion this IS NOT THE REAL TRUE. (the only one was what John said in interview).

As Metallica: Sad but true! And you what you think?

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  1. I guess they're not will split or something else, John just said "dont want being in band anymore" you can't reach more thinkings of it.

  2. It's sadest day in my entire life!
    Why this happens? (I'm with the blog author isn't just the long tour history...)

  3. Now John can show your real state of art!
    It's good for me.

  4. OMG I was waiting a new chili peppers Record so now this!!!
    All this sh*t conversation about hiatus ... time to personal things always ends with it the OVER.

    What am I suposse to heard from now? (circus from britney spears, no thanks)

    The BAD news for the decade!
    I realy wanna cry out!

  5. The Chili Peppers will not so far without John, they need him!

  6. I alreay knew this: all that weird interview what john says... what the rest of band says... it was all unconnected! they dont talk around the your personal projects...

    they dont even say the same news about the band, one say one year, other undefined...

    this will happen soon or later!

  7. it's just marketing thing ! they will be togheter again soon and record another disc... you will see! (it's not a hope is just a cold view of things)

  8. "t's just marketing thing !"
    John doesn't like of this things.

  9. The Argentina will cry for this a long time!

  10. He just said: "not intersted" but not "I won't"... this is different!
    You guy are overcoming this!

  11. for the love of God "being in A band" unspecifying which band is ! can be The Red Hot , can be The Band that plays with him....

    I don't wanna believe in the end

  12. John is a person who seeks inspiring persons around him. I believe the band couldn't give him that anymore after all those years.
    He is still growing in his musical skills every day. In my opinion, the music he makes on his "own" is far more experimenting, more challenging that he did in RHCP. Not to be confused with the term "better", of course that is a question no one can answer.

    Let's just say we hope that he will go on tour again on his own, I'd love that!

  13. Oh no...
    Please, come to Paris and give as a farewell gig ! :)