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John Frusciante Biography - Part 7 Milla Jovovich and beyond

The guys from Universo Frusciante did an amazing job to make this biography of John Frusciante crafted from stories, facts and quotes from interviews and testimonials.  And I will just to bring it to you in English.

Milla Jovovich

Also in 2000, John begins dating the actress, singer and fashion designer Milla Jovovich. At the time both were said in love, but the relationship lasted only one year.

The romance between the two created some curiosity after its completion, and if they see the two songs.

Bring it on
Bring it on, is a song that Milla did when dating John (he was never credited as having participated in the music, but listen to the guitar sound unmistakable Frusciante). In its page on the internet where some demos that she made over the years, the one that has no letter and description of how and when it was made Bring it on.

Song To Sing When I'm Lonely
John never said it was a song about Milla, but he said that the girl he was dating thought he was God, she loved his voice. But when she started dating him, she found out that he was just a normal guy. Ending the charm of her for it, she said she would call him out, and she never called him. That's how he wrote the song "Song To Sing When I'm Lonely".

Excerpt from the letter:
A song to play when I'm alone
Win and never play a game again
No one will notice when I fall
Holding tightly to dreams that never end

Nowhere is any reason
Everything dying and leaving
No mistakes I'll be a baby
Faking a movement for anyone noticing
It is not normal to find someone again peace thrown out
Nobody chooses to humiliate

Symbols pierce me
People fail when they are being drawn
Here some quotes from Milla about John in his old blog:
"John and I really identify ourselves when it comes to musical taste, he also loves Joy Division, he introduced me Os Mutantes, Brian Eno, Bow Wow Wow .. the only thing that breaks my love for Neil Young and his interest in albums John & Yoko ".

"If I had not heard his music in" Niandra Lades and Usually just a T-Shirt "and" Smile from the Streets You Hold "I would be a very different person, he shaped my artistic sensibility and I could never thank you enough for amount of light he brought to me. On being good for him, be sweet, caring is what I wanted for almost ten years. not been a day since I was eighteen, I did not send him a thought. Just special thought in my head at him, sending him a good feeling to beat the demons that haunted him, to be happy, to preserve your health, make another record! I never had much respect for the opinion of some, my ego is not important because I love him with all my heart "- Milla Jovovich

To Record Only Water For Ten Days
On February 13, 2001, the album "To Record Only Water For Ten Days" is released.

John's third album, which differs greatly from two antecedents, due to the exploitation of some elements, such as electronics, new wave and synthpop. Was recorded subsequent to his period of heroin use. After a month in rehabilitation and re-inclusion of the Californian band to which he belonged, Frusciante found himself deeply connected to a spiritual plane and inspired by the visions of spirits that had.The ideology of record "water for ten days" is given by the set of ten periods in which the album is designed. The lyrics express this theme as a sort according matters spiritual and philosophical, as well as a link with your personality psychedelic.
"To Record Only Water For Ten Days" was what I told myself what I had to do ... to find the purity in me to make a record that had the feeling that I knew John Frusciante could dump on a disk, you understand?. I had sensations and sounds in my head that I thought would be for this album, but I was not able to go to a recording studio or write them in a notebook. So what I did was to imagine that my body was a writer and would like to write "Water for ten days." I had to ask what it meant for me to record only water. It was a process that took two years because I was in a state of imbalance, it took two years for me to feel that the songs that had made were a pure representation of the fourth dimension and I felt very proud to bring them to this place to this place. For me the album title simply means purifying oneself. "
To Record Only Water For Ten Days had six clips (Going Inside, In Rime, Moments Have You, Wind Up Space, Ramparts and Fallout) with scenes shot and edited by longtime friend John, Vincent Gallo.Due to copyrights, Gallo pulled from Youtube and removed the videos of some hosting sites, which made them rare to see on the Internet, taking into consideration that these videos were shown only once on MTV2. With the rest of what's left of the remaining clips were made more videos for the songs that were left on the album, however, were different, because these other videos showed only close ups or, for example, the image of a dog running (Saturation).

Going Inside

To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Length: 42 minutes 20 seconds
Bonus track: "Resolution" available in the Japanese publication of the CD
John plays: All instruments (guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, drum machine)
Produced by: John Frusciante
Mixed by: Jimmy Boyle
Auxilixar production: Brian Grimmel
Mastered by / where: Vlado Meller at Sony Music Studio in New York, USA
Design: John Frusciante and Lawrence Azerrad
Photos by: Sonya
Art Direction: John Frusciante
Equipment by: Dave Lee
Between January and April 2001, after the close of the thunderous Californication tour, at Rock in Rio III, Brazil, John goes on tour in the United States and first appears in Europe, promoting his solo album, To Record Only Water For Ten Days.

John performed in London twice.Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Texas. His performances intimate and pure feeling, now showed a musician in creative freedom.

"The physical scars of his heroin addiction can not be ignored because they can not get out of your psychic energy. He responds sparingly, but worsens repentinante and often contradicts itself. However, which should continue to be the main impression , and a man who has recently discovered his love for life again. " -Visions, March 2001.
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover)
Germany - 2001

On March 5, John released his second EP "Going Inside". The track "Time Is Nothing", "The Last Hymn", "Resolution", "So Would Have I" and "Beginning Again" are B-sides from To Record Only Water For Ten Days.

Some demos and songs recorded that did not make the album, leaked on the internet. What actually happened is that John, in his will, gave some of these songs for your friends and, over time, eventually falling into the same network. The songs were released without being fully completed or mixed.

In Sounds From The Inside, which is also titled "Internet Album Release", an album of John which was released exclusively through the Internet in 2001. The album, which was made available for free download at his official site, includes material recorded during the sessions To Record Only Water For Ten Days.

John was not responsible for the name given to most music. Fans and his former manager from the official site were in charge of it.

Every Light Will Burn
"All described me as if I were the anti-star, but this is not true. I stopped at that point because I had to fix things myself. Soon as we started the tour of" Blood Sugar Magik Fri ", my creativity was at its peak until that moment. I had been making music for ten years and then I felt that I was able to create wonderful things. voices in my head told me I could stop and be happy, but soon after finished the album my creativity would have flown forever. But the decision to go on tour this blocked creativity.

Life on the road is dull while extroverted. In the end, after six months happened what was about to happen: I was tired enough. I realized that the voices had told me the truth.I had to stop immediately. Before the tour I felt like the best guitarist of all time, but half a year later as an amateur. I hated my playing. All I needed was to be myself, instead of making stupid faces for photo shoots, giving interviews superficial or jumping on stage. There are certainly some bands out there that stop things when they do not want to do them. But I was surrounded by people who were angry with me because I did not want to do these things they wanted to do. I made everyone around me feel unhappy, they all hated me.

Today I have a deeper understanding of the things that many people will never have.I dropped out of this pattern without being afraid to be a little empty. This ended with the fact that I've experienced a lot of extra lives. "
In September 2001 and released "The Id", the second studio album by singer R & B / Soul, Macy Gray. John participated in the album playing guitar on the song, Sweet Baby.

A curiosity and Arik Marshall (who replaced guitarist John some shows shortly after his departure in 1992 the Red Hot Chili Peppers, participates tracks: 2,3,6,7,12 and 13 of the album).

Macy Gray - Sweet Baby
"You can not teach what John Frusciante does" - Macy Gray

In 2002, the Peppers release a new album called "By The Way", an album that shows the maturity in the band's sound. The album is very well received by new fans of the band and critics, and in a few days of releases already receives 12 gold albums, one of them being from Brazil!

John wanted an album that referred to the listener a sound English. The album started with an inspiration from the punk band, who came to hear John songs from The Damned and Discharge. Rick Rubin was really not in favor of punk that the band was taking. He thought that the melodic songs were much more original and exciting so the band ended up changing the focus to the music but melodic.

Many of the more melodic songs came from John being heavily influenced by the music of the Beach Boys and the Beatles, along with groups who used vocal harmonies and doo woop.

The guitar and bass parts were dictated primarily by John, rather than a collaborative effort between him and Flea. By consequence, the disc had a different direction to any other album the Chili Peppers have released. Frusciante sought to create a sonic landscape emotional and moving throughout the recording. By influences from musicians such as Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column and John McGeoch, Frusciante made use of various progressions and layers of guitar on By the Way, using tools such as Mellotron and various effects pedals.
"On stage, I continued playing my old riffs a la Jimmy Page, because she was my root, and it was exactly what the music demanded. Lot of our songs are based on blues-funk style. Some nights I tried to fit my style melodies Kraftwerk the old songs, but was never perfect. But when we begin to create new material, I wanted to put my new ideas, but without destroying the style of old riffs. did not want to play I'm feeling good a guitarist more, I wanted to develop something that did not make me feel like a guitarist playing a solo normally. This was influenced by guitarists like Duane Eddy Surf Music and The Shadows, 60s. But I did not pay much attention when playing their solos. I was more interested in the melodies that they did during the songs.

One of the few guitarists who I always heard soils was George Harrison. Were always wonderful and clever melodies. He always kept the chord changes in the back of your mind and played an extremely talented and beautiful. Before this album (By the Way), I pay much attention to George Harrison, because I wanted to understand what he did and how he did these chords. I did not just want to learn techniques from other people to hear their work. I wanted to think about why someone chooses exactly the notes you play. And that meant I would have to hear the bass and understand the basis of this, in contrast to its effects. "

The album received much criticism from older fans of the band, since almost only contained "ballads" romantic. Most likely to have been an album with thousands of effects created by John. But even leaving the "funk rock" a bit off, the album has great songs like "Dosed", "The Zephyr Song", "By the Way".The band more accepted among the old fans of the band was the song "Can not Stop". That was also the album that came one of the first criticisms of the media coming Peppers, with the song "Throw Away Your Television" (Throw away your television).
"He is a genius, sure. Has that thing mad scientist, that love for the guitar, the art, but can not drive and do not have a credit card. It does not work in the same sphere as other people. Therefore it is fine.'' - Anthony Kiedis
Can not Stop
"Later, when I got home, John Frusciante of the Chili Peppers was standing in front of my house. Stayed talking for hours about many things, then went to his house and heard a ton of cool songs. He is a very special person with a deep passion for music, the guitar and the life. After I left home I felt like I really had the experience necessary to balance a bit of myself after having been buried in the studio for so long.'s so rare, I've just got to hang out with interesting people but like him, both musically, personally and spiritually. discovered a gold mine in John. "- Steve Vai talking about John.
Also in 2002, John attended the album "American IV: The Man Comes Around" (Johnny Cash) which collaborated on tracks "Personal Jesus" (original version: Depeche Mode) playing guitar and the track "We'll Meet Again'' (original: Vera Lynn) backing vocals.

John also appears on the soundtrack of the film "24 Hour Party People", playing guitar in New Dawn Fades - New Order, Moby and Billy Corgan.

24 Hour Party People - New Dawn Fades

In November 2003, the Peppers launch the fifth collection of the band, called "Greatest Hits". The album as the title suggests contains the "great" successes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, plus two previously unreleased "Fortune Faded" and "Save the Population. Was also released a DVD, and shown where some interviews, backstage tour Californication, plus two unreleased videos and Universally Speaking Road Trippin.
"In August 2003, we joined during a break in the tour and had a prolific songwriting and recording session. Was actually one of the more productive we had a short period of time. Two of the songs recorded at that time are in this album . But now, when I'm writing this, I'm not sure what the songs. I'm sitting in a hotel in Chicago and ready to catch a bus to Cleveland, another day of the tour, another day to be focused on we're doing and try to be better at it. "- Flea
The band also launched the DVD Live at Slane Castle. Recording took place during the tour promoting the album By the Way. It was filmed on August 23, 2003 and released on November 17, 2003.

Being the second presentation of the band in Slane (the first was in 2001). Now as headliner. The show was all done for filming. Having your setlist, only songs from the albums; Fri Blood Sugar Magik, Californication and By The Way.

The DVD shows the full concert except for the songs that were cut. "Soul to Squeeze", the song was removed because a guitar chords of John Frusciante broke. And "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer cover, made by Frusciante after Otherside also cut from the DVD.

Being met with mixed reviews, with the majority approval. Many were upset by the lack of songs pre-Blood Sugar Magik Fri. No song of the band's first four albums was played. Upon release, the columnist Wayne King of Columbus Alive said on the DVD is"the greatest live show of all time."
"Watching the constant evolution of John was also a pleasure in itself. When we began to perform at the beginning of Californication, he was shy and withdrawn on stage without letting emotions flowed. Eventually, he became an exhibitionist ever was satisfied - We open the show with a solo my ten minutes. - He did this for narcissism, but by their passion for playing and for his desire to commune with the spirits, both the invisible and the people who were there to live music and love. Watching this process was fascinating. "- Anthony Kiedis

Venice Queen
Live at Slane Castle

John in 2003, also appears in albums which made collaborations, among them are Dragonfly Ziggy Marley, De-Loused in the Comatorium Mars Volta and the soundtrack from the movie Underworld - Underworld.
"There's nobody like him. When he plays, you can not stop watching him, he hypnotizes you. He's incredible. He opens his mouth as if shouting, he closes his eyes and ... It's as if he were doing magic. shamans I imagine South during the trance, you know. If connecting to another dimension with nothing but a guitar. I feel lucky to be where I am to live this kind of experience. Magic and music, altogether. Few things could be better in this life .. " Cedric Bixler-Zavala talking about John.

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