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John Frusciante Biography - Part 5 Viper Room 1997

The guys from Universo Frusciante did an amazing job to make this biography of John Frusciante crafted from stories, facts and quotes from interviews and testimonials.  And I will just to bring it to you in English.

John's first show in four years, someone from the audience begins to argue with him about his'' choices''.

Kentucky, April 1997
Also in 1997, John had released an EP called "Estrus EP". Only 400-500 copies of this vinyl were released, and could be acquired through Birdman Recordings.

- The first song, "Estrus" was released as the last song on Smile From Streets You Hold under "stress".
- "Outside Space" was originally recorded for the first album Frusciante, Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt and a brief sample can be heard in the final ten seconds of the track "Mascara".

Outside Space
The first time I reviewed John was a few years after he left the band. I had heard all these stories about John's descent into hell of drugs and knew that Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers singer, came to make a film documenting the despicable conditions in which he lived.

Also knew that he had given interviews extolling the use of heroin. He came to inject during interviews. I had no interest in seeing these things or watch the movie. I have not heard his solo work. I was not able to celebrate their lifestyle because it seemed that he was killing himself. His art and solo albums he composed were great but did not seem right for me to tolerate the death of this eccentric person. This guy was my best friend. Whether it was a genius or an idiot, he is rotting and it was not pleasant to see.

I knew he had begun to paint a few years ago, inspired by Basquiat and Dan Vinci, so when I heard he would exhibit at Gallery of Melrose, decedi appear on the eve of the vernissage and take a look at the pictures. I went there and to my surprise, John was there pedurando their own frames. We both scared. He was high on cocaine, had shaved hair, huge dark circles and smoked Gauloise cigarettes.

Instead of saying "Fuck you, I hate you, you're an asshole," we were happy to see each other. His canvases were disturbing, but beautiful. It was weird, I think we wanted to hate more than we were able. - Anthony Kiedis

Soon after in August 1997, John released an album called "Smile From The Streets You Hold" with the provocative intent of getting money to fund his drug addiction, John arrived to censor new pressings because shame is the cause of creation album. "Smile From The Streets You Hold" received negative reviews because it had vocal tune as to be annoying. The songs that get featured are: "Life's bath", "Well, I've been" and also "The Fall through the Ground", being a song written and recorded when John was just 17. The album also includes two songs that John had written with River Phoenix, who end up not entering the previous album, due to sudden death in overdose of actor. River Phoenix (vocals / guitar) in Height Down (Soul Removal) and vocal Well, I've Been (Bought Her Soul).

Height Down

Smile From The Streets You Hold
Posted by: Birdman on USA, DC in Australia, Musical Tragedies in Europe and in Japan by Sony Music
Duration: 1 hour and 21 secondos
John plays: guitar, acoustic guitar and piano
Holdings: River Phoenix (vocals / guitar) in 'Height Down' and vocal 'Well I've Been'
"I'm beginning to wonder if the former guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are fooling people. On his second solo album, Frusciante leaves completely aside the riffs of RHCP and dips in their best Vedder / Mascis vocal. If I did not know better, I'd say it was a brilliant example of addiction to Frusciante. course there are some moments to forget. Instrumental The Poppy Man has a good pace and I'm Always and Femininity sound like discarded songs from the album Blood Sugar. But as a whole, this album sounds like the stoning of a homeless man who picked up a cheap guitar and an amplifier. Perhaps this is the effect that Frusciante is hoping to achieve. Maybe he wants to show the world that he can go the greatest rock band in the world by can be a simple and homey Joe. Unfortunately, it seems that Frusciante is in desperate need of help, he is a drug user or not. "- Moo Magazine about the album Smile From The Streets You Hold

In 1996 before the release of "Smile From The Streets You Hold", was made a music video filmed by M. Polish, edited by J. F Kinyon and directed by John himself, for the song Life's a Bath. In the video we can witness the reality that John Frusciante was living at the end of 1996.

The video for reasons obvious was not released at the time, he only came to appear on the internet in 2005.

This video was done more or less after John left a rehabilitation clinic, but still had returned to using heroin for a while.

Life's A Bath
- I did upload this video to tell the real story. Some years ago, someone sent a low quality capture from VHS and there was all kinds of speculation about where he came from, who filmed or not filmed.

Shot on film (16mm) in 1996, by M. Polish and edited by J. F Kinyon, under the direction of John Frusciante own.

This film was made specifically for this song and want it to be the current video (however difficult it may be for some to believe).

It was never released by the label (of course). He first appeared on the Internet in 2005 - JF Kinyon  
In November 1997, John was interviewed by James Guitar Player's Rotondi, though he was better than the year before, his words were still difficult to understand because of the dentures he wore now, instead of your teeth that have fallen because of abuse Drug. He also said that due to the arrest of a friend whose name the room was booked at the Mondrian, many of his books, full of poetry, math, word games, drawings and ideas about the story, were confiscated. The situation was not promising ...

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