Monday, March 16, 2009

The Good Time Games Came Back

Lately I'm observing the obscure scene on game creation.(on the music scene I already do that a long time)
Three specific independent games take ALL my attention: Braid, Aquaria and Crayon Physics.
They deserve this post... if you like to play games (good one) take this a chance. (before they change too comercial ... just kidding)

Braid (will be release to PC 31th March 2009)
A game in Super Mario style with unique puzzles and unique (and depressive) story! After you play that, you will never forget!
Official site:
For XBox360 guys you already can have it on your console...


An epic of 2D games unbelieveble... you will love it, GREAT HISTORY. RPG :)
Official Site:

Crayon physics

If you don't enter on site and see the video you won't feel anything that I could describe... See the video!
Official Site:

While the most comercial softwarehouse are worring about the graphics, some guys are mading the games with more creative and best inovating... That's sure Nintendo Wii have been walking to the path of good games instead of huge graphics poor games... (this also mades the Wii the first one sold consoles)

All the games so cheap! around U$ 16 to U$ 19!

After all you maybe wondering what this has with art? There is a lot of game builded that is a complete art. If you never play Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Sonic, Metroid, Zelda and etc. you probably will not understand this post.

This is the art comming back to games by independent hands! (usually the arts is better when we don't put the money in the first place... )

For good games like that you don't need to get the latest video card and processor... These kind of project are driven to quality while most of comercial are driven to be BEST SELLERS.

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