Monday, March 9, 2009

Ode to One More of Me ( MI - MusicImagination )

MI - MusicImagination --> Is one way to try capture what you feel when you hear/do/react/act with some kind of art. In this case it's like a video clip but is composed just by my understanding and viewing about it (I mean the music One More of Me). Images bellow the lines... (vamos a la poesia...)

One More of Me
(The Empyrean Album (John Frusciante))

Now that the day has come
I see myself as everyone
I am what’s all around meNo, nothing it just cannot be
Feeling has come from the sun
Like most everything and everyone
What seems lost is free from the force that slowly destroys us
And kills all matter offWell, we don’t control the chance that plays with us
And we get existence back to hurting others
And when we go the other way it’s ourselves we hurt
But who pushes on though eventually will seeEvery moment’s first
Every moment is first
What’s gone will never come back
But it exists when you think of it
And what is anything, anywayBut a series of things running through your brain
All of the fucked things you do
Are the product of whats happened to you
Whatever you create from loveIs a gift from the place which some call aboveThere’s only the forces of hate and love
One breaks things down and one builds them up
(this here is for your imagination)

This is my visual (or more near of it) impression of this poem sang by Frusciante. (all this thing MI is mine concept... :$ it's not famous) I'll try to make a slide show of it and put on You Tube.


  1. This is a very beautiful idea! I would have chosen totally different pics, but that's exactly the key, is't it?
    Anyway - cool idea!

  2. Yes... you got the idea!
    "Your brain seems to accept easily the graphical ideas, your memory too."

    Thank you!

  3. who does the vocals in this song?

  4. Mister John Frusciante.... don't you know?
    You know that starting of "Going Inside" song... (It seems like a guittar sound...) ? That also is the John Frusciante voice's.