Thursday, March 5, 2009

The new music busines model at Internet age

I personaly think that the only way to get some money with music in nowdays is going on tour around the world. I believe that Madonna gets much more money with his shows than with cd sales.
At this right moment (03-05-09 22:10PM) the Backstreet Boys are at São Paulo - Brazil, making a show and maybe they got much more money with shows than CD sales too.
In this same month (March) more and more artists will go to Brazil and N other Countries "get money" in this new way, some bands:
Simply Plain
and others... (that I forgot)

Many year ago I should wait a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time to see any loved band of mine, now they don't sell CD's so they came to make shows in so different places.
This is the reflect of what the most people says on CD release date: "I don't buy CD, I just download it from Internet."
This is the new model. Well, all this is my personal opinion. (It's sure that the bands get money with CD however isn't like that years without Internet use.)
Just to remember you, the music isn't only about the money! And I still buying CD's to support my favorite master piece makers.
if you have a band, release your music (CD) and go to make some shows... that is the way !

After all is super fun... the poor people (like me) buy a ticket for U$ 85,00 to heard the band live once one time but don't pay anything by CD's.

Another analysis is the confront: CD vs DVD (what sell more?)
The people seems to agree that is more fair buy a DVD than a CD, maybe we give more value to image with sound than just sound.
(just to remember the Chili Peppers doesn't release any DVD from the S.A. tour... it's funny about the S.A. tour, I'd rather the S.A CD than the By The way CD but the BTW tour was totally better in all therms... I'm missing my point here)
Is not the music that lose their monetary values is the Media that lost the value. The world change the models too (look the 2007 year the VideoGame industry got more profits than Movie industry).

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