Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lions & Tigers come running just to steal your luck

The stadium arcadium makes me very happy, the first time I've heard it I choose Especially In Michigan as my favorite music from the entire Album. Today I would say which my favorite is Wet Sand. The fact is: this disc was released in May 9, 2006, and we are on Fev 5, 2009, almost four years (It's a long time). No official news about chili peppers, just "we're on hiatus" or "there's no plan", many speculation already shows up: the band's end, John Frusciante out of the band, disconnection between the members...

And what I think? I just think they gave a lot of music to us, if they split or something else, we can't complain... About the end or not I have my doubts in both sides! If the band ends or Frusciante get out of band I'll miss them to much!

I quoted four years as much time because the actual busines model to bands isn't sell discs but do live shows (tours) around the world.


  1. Hm. I think they are all just busy with their own stuff (flea is apparently studying trumpet, John has finished his new record, Chad is or was in japan and Anthony is whatever-doing...). I personally don't believe in John quitting and the rest going on with a differnet guitar player...No, they rather split as the whole band. But anyway - if they do split I hop they do a goodbay-tour, as I missed the SA-Tour - I did have difficulties with the SA record in the first place. Did not really find a good approach to it - and only about 6 months ago I started listening to it again and it totally blew me away! how could I not appreciate this record in the first place ?! - it's so brilliant to me now! Isn't is strange, how music can affect us differently in different phases of life? ...

  2. uh, sorry for all the typing mistakes (I already had a glass of wine - it's late here in Germany)

  3. "Isn't is strange, how music can affect us differently in different phases of life?"
    It's amazing !
    "uh, sorry for all the typing mistakes"
    You don't type any word mispeled, did you?! Take it easy! I got you point... however I loved the SA for the first place/time... :)