Friday, February 13, 2009

The life and you

I had some friends that leaves the city (where I live) , move to another one or simply get way from me by n differents reasons[better jobs...]. Well, in any slice of time some of them appear again (Or even I appear to them). A couple of days ago I had saw a friend of mine (childhood) , he had an accident and his brain was partialy damaged by that. He had so much dificult to speak, he don't get talk and look to your face. The guy "was strong" and see him like that makes think about how much we are weak and how much we need each other.

The life is shorter than you imagine, we are connected each other more than you imagine, today you help a unknow person but tomorrow the unknow person can help you, don't EVER think: This will not happen' with me. You are weak as everybody around! You are exposed to all possible diseases and accidents!

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