Saturday, December 20, 2008

why this blog?

All the creation needed a point to start something. The sentence is vague but can be my start point. I admire all kind of art and the type that I could be more evolved is clearly music. The first time that I heard the "Around the World" I just said> || Jesus !!! how much people is need to make this sound? || And I was surprised... just four guys. (Anthony Kieds, John Frusciante, Flea Balzary & Chad Smith)
In between these four guys there was a guittar man and his name (artistic name I mean) is John Frusciante. My first contact with the Frusciante's Music was with Going Inside, in time I thougth > || So dark, so misterious, so truth... || and then I came hearding almost everything of these four guys. So, in this blog I'll try to keep the music theme. (not just with John & Chili Peppers).
The will to write my experiences was revealed by the Unreachable song from the new John's Album (The Empyrean).

ps: the name of this blog is the same name for the latest "unrealesed" album (20Th January 2009) of John Frusciante.

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