Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Unreachable music experience

The first and the only music from the The Empyrean Album until now is Unreachable ... Well, I'll give my impressions just for the sound part (I talk to lyric subject later).
I'll broke the protocol and I will start from the ending solo... What was that?!
I can describe what I feel in that solo most of time I think that letters cannot always show a real feelling.
Sometimes I felt that the paint act is the liberation of some from this fellings thus compose and play a music is a way to put fellings at something.
The Unreachable (I mean soundly analizing) starts with "sad-life" [are we down for the same cause] goes to "rebel-way" [one time hit me when I turn white I don't mean to be polite] and cames to "wise-part" [reach into the darkness... hey shoot me shoot me shoot me]. Just to be clear I don't think this is what the music wanna pass to your mind, I just feel that feelings when I heard music (first time).
After all, the solo part (ending) is amazing (as Cartman would say Awsome)! The connectivity of the notes you can feel that. [and finally I can't find words to describe this solo, it's was made to be hearded so much time]
Truly one of my favorites music from the 2008 year is Unreachable.

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