Monday, October 29, 2012

John Frusciante on The Man With The Iron Fists

There have been many unclear rumours regarding John's involvement with the Quentin Tarantino-backed high budget martial arts film that has been rumoured to star RZA and Russell Crowe; while it's been pretty clear that some tracks off The Empyrean ended up in the low budget flicknot planned for release.

Looks like there'a finally some light being shed on this matter! The film's final title isThe Man With The Iron Fists and it's nearing its premiere this Friday.

A list of credits has been included in the most recent press release. RZA is the director, screenplay writer and one of the As opposed to all of the post-Brown Bunny motion picture soundtrack appearances as a solo artist, John is listed with two previously unreleased songs; one of which is his own. The other is a remix of a Wu-Tang track he co-produced.
Credits, as per press release:

Originally performed by Wu-Tang Clan
featuring Dexter Wiggle
Written by Robert Diggs, Shavo Odadjian,
John Frusciante, Jason Hunter and Charles Woods
Re-mixed and arranged by The RZA and Howard Drossin
Under license from Universal Music Publishing Group
Courtesy of Universal Records under license from
Universal Music Enterprises

Performed by John Frusciante
Written by John Frusciante
Courtesy of John Frusciante

You can find out more about the film on its official website and by reading the entire press release. The said notes are also available by clicking Film in the main menu and then clicking Production notes right above the title of the newly loaded page. The film has a soundtrack as well, but some songs from the credits are not available on it and not streamable on the website, either.

Catch The Man With The Iron Fists in your local movie theatre this Friday, November 2nd - if you're based in USA.

*Many thanks to TL for the heads-up!


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