Friday, May 18, 2012

Letur Lefr - New John Frusciante Album

"There's been a lot of talk of John releasing something and a lot of talk of John not releasing anything. Well, the wait is finally over and here's official information to clear all the confusion and doubts.
John is going to release an EP titled Letur Lefr this summer. It is going to be his first solo release since The Empyrean in 2009 and he also created the artwork for it. Just like his previous albums,Letur Lefr is going to be released through Record Collection Music. And it is YOU, the visitors of Invisible Movement who had the honour to get to know about this first!
The EP contains five songs and it will be released the week of July 9th in multiple formats (including cassette!) worldwide.
More information will follow very, very soon. Meanwhile, spread the joy and appreciate what will come our way!"

Source: Invisible Movement


  1. can't wait to hear the new EP spread the word the world should know about this

  2. Yeahhh I really want hear/see/feel this masterpiece.