Monday, August 15, 2011

Zachary Swickey (MTV) about the second departure of John Frusciante

Mister Zachary Swickey let his impressions at the second departure of John Frusciante:

Clearly RHCP feel no bad blood toward Frusciante...
Despite his previous absence, the Chili Peppers worry how their tunes will fair without the talented Frusciante working beside them.
“It was different this time. We’d made three records with him and had a lot of success and John’s writing and creative input was such a big part of that. I thought we’d never do it without John – it would be stupid to try. But when he left, I was presented with this new reality of what it was and it made me realize we had to go on and could go on,” explained Flea.

You can read the entire article at MTV beyond that, the UDT Music also spread this.


  1. 4 albums:

    Mothers Milk
    By the Way
    Stadium Arcadium

  2. Four albums, thousands of solos and amazing backing vocals. =]

  3. Luckily Blood Sugar Sex Magik wasn't forgotten. Oh wait...

  4. man, I was in a process of trying to forget about it.

  5. And now I am wondering, how much b-sides they have with Frusciante and we couldn't heard it.