Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Empyrean Problems with Malware / Google / Firefox

In the last couple of days you've probably had receive message that my site has a malware which could affect your computer. That thing happend because I put a image (which is a link to other site) and within the link-image there was a problem. :( But now I fix it! Be Welcome again!


  1. Oi Leandro, qual imagem que voce linkou e que deu problema? Estou tendo o mesmo problema e aponta para seu blog.

  2. Hey Brazillian Fella, The image (link-image out of my site) that gave this problem was a coming from [can not remember which image was]!

    Well, I've researched here (using the cache of google) and discovered that image was:
    and it was in my post

    Besides removing the link you also should ask google (webmaster tool ... has to put a meta tag in the header... and ask to review) and / or StopBadware to review your site ... I hope have helped ... cya


    Seguinte Brazillian Fella, A imagem (link-imagem fora do meu site) que deu esse problema foi uma vinda do [não lembro qual imagem foi]!

    Bem pesquisei aqui (usando o cache do google) e descobri qual imagem era:
    e estava no meu post

    Além de tirar o link você deve pedir ao google (ferramenta de webmaster... tem que colocar uma meta-tag no header) e ou stopbadware para Rever seu site... espero ter ajudado... inté