Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The right model to get some money from the music

The Current Model on the Music

Today is very hard to see someone buying Audio CD on the stores, most of people, now, are buying tracks on the Internet. Unfortunately the most of guys goes by piracy, downloading the albums over the Internet. The bands have notice that and then they are increasing theirs ratio of shows. The main money comes from live shows.

The Artists & Their Lifes

Think: You have a World Tour around the world. Awesome, you will know the world, new places, new cultures! Well, it's not like that... you are working, you don't have enough time to visit places, to know people. Now you are away from home and a little tired. You are pretty happy, because people are watching and enjoying your show. It's not so happiness... there is a another weights.

John Frusciante

You should be asking what the Frusciante has with all this? In his interviews, Frusciante lets clear his position about make Studio Album and make Live Shows. Firstly, we have to keep in mind that John Frusciante doesn't make art, primarily, thinking in money. Secondly we also must think that the fans of Frusciante loves to buy his new CD! Frusciante is one of the last real artists on the world. How much I heard him, I will more respect his position and apreciate his art. Look that: "Sucking on a rhyme, you know I don't feel right. These dreams they steal all my time." Goals - John Frusciante

"Go... don't you go?
Won't you stay with me one more day?
if we get through one more night"
Stay - Oingo Boingo

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