Friday, April 3, 2009

What It Is What It Is What It Is

"What it is, what it is, so much to be found..."
What It Is (aka Nina's Song)

Today (or yesterday... my memory doesn't help me) I've read the full news on about FIFTH ANNUAL MUSICARES® MAP FUND® BENEFIT CONCERT TO HONOR ANTHONY KIEDIS. Great new?! ... nah just kidding can you imagine if the latest news about chili peppers were all good one... In part is great because AK, CS and FB will "play" togheter again however the guests are Flea, Chad, Anthony (honor), Bob Forrest, Josh and Omar (and the rest of Mars Volta) [all of those are John's friends] and Frusciante wasn't announced to be there (It's SO Fucking weird).
In my opinion if John doesn't appear there will be the : "hey I'm out don't you know?". We can't deny the last facts! Being on forum (Stadium Arcadium) I've also read this opinion: "... Then they might take in Josh in place of JF ..." This sounds logic to me. What we got? (to confirm ou deny this) Just some facts and news and interviews but nothing official... wait and see.

All this is my personal opinion and isn't official from Red Hot or John Frusciante it is just my reading to the lastest facts/tours/speech/interviews.

Best discussion here (what the real fans thinks about it).
(I'm not telling a view
I've got this night to unglue
I've moved this fight away
By doing things that there's no reasons to do
.... Going Inside)

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