Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Blood Sugar Sex Fans Won't Live Long

The Blood Sugar Sex is now on his majority (18 years old)! Great album, huge songs !

I had many friends that loves chili peppers (as well the another bands: queen, david bowie, radiohead, cranberries, a-ha, george clinton ... ) and they always used to say "The Chili peppers best album was BSSM! now they are posers just bulding poor songs... no bass, no high noise" and I'm also always trying to see what's point they're got.

I don't believe in this things!
FIRST - We will never ever had another BSSM again. (nor even Stadium Arcadium, nor "Use your Illusion", nor "Ok Computer" ...)
SECOND - The bands usually evolutes to better and refined musics ways.
THIRD - High Noise + Bass + Long Solos + Loud Voice doesn't mean rock music.

When you got 19 years old you see, feel, touch the art in different ways than when you got 29 years... in truth I tell you: My prefered cd from chili peppers is "stadium arcadium" - try to feel the beautiful beyond the songs like "she looks to me"...

Don't throw your ideas away just to keep your status of Old Rocker ! This is a BIG bulls**** !
I'll keep hearding the good and old bssm style but I wish never lose the taste for new things.

I want to hear "Buckle Down"
"My Michelle"
"Ah Yon"
"My friends"
"Give up the Funk" in the morning,
near of my afternoon's sleep I will hear
"Sunday Bloody Sunday"
"Three Little Birds"
"Going To California"... and finish with "Personal Jesus"...
(and I just mention the famous one... )

The thing is try don't keep your mind with barrier to the art. (The filter is needed but not face it as an obligation.)

ps: I had many friends that hates chili peppers too!

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