Friday, January 23, 2009

My non-linear experience with The Empyrean

The best or beauty vocal parts

At precise 02:45 on Dark/Ligth we got:
Will we ever get together in a song
Will you ever tell everybody 'bout right and wrong
Will you let everyone in on the meaning of life and death
Do you need me or are you waiting for my last breath
And the One More of Me (the most viewed page on blog). In this music Frusciante showed a totally diferente voice, that's sure he maybe used some effects. (amazing)
Anyone knows if Frusciante use any effect on void at One More of Me music?

The best or beauty guittar parts

At precise 07:00 on Before the Beginning we got:
"It seems that the guittar shout"

The best or beauty music

At moment is God (even that I loved Ah Yom), by the way why this music was released as a Bonus song?

"be for me before me"

Don't forget Central (also beutiful music). After all, this is a GREAT album and my impression will be many amazing musics.

  • It's non-linear because I've heard in random order.
  • All this opinions can change tomorrow when I hear it again.