Friday, January 23, 2009

John Frusciante - The Empyrean Review

The Empyrean review by myself
The meaning music by music for my interpretation.
Here I'll try to post my fellings 'bout each music from The Empyrean album from John Frusciante. My understanding! You must have in mind two statements:

  • I'm not a musician specialist so any incorrect terms tell me and I'll make it rigth.
  • My sound system just have 2 channels so with have some effect in 3D I possible can't feel :(
1 - before the beginning 9:09 (instrumental)

You can clearly hear the drums, I don't think Flea is at this track.

2 - song to the siren 3:33 (cover)

I'd never hear the original ( I can't find it for a while) however I like this music. Beauty and sound as familiar.

3 - unreachable 6:10 (premiere)

Two voices at "same" time COOL effect! (I loved) the first music I've heard. Flea could be here?! Maybe.
HotSpot - "hey shoot me..." + Solo

4 - god 3:23 (my prefered one for now)

You know the sensation of NEW this music comes to my mind as a total NEW concept of music (melody). It touchs my felling when I hear. The concept of God or the many visions of the same God, great lyric. "Still I love you, love you just the same... Be for me,"

5 - dark/light 8:30

Starts so sad, downside... with some beauty effects on voice (just voice and piano I guess) and at 2:45 the music shows the true form with one of most beautiful voices... perfect combination.
Ends with light moment. Comes from dark to light. The end voices screaming "ah ahhh" seems as church coral. Flea could be here?! (I believe so)

6 - heaven 4:03

Great base line! (and bass too).
Starts with silence, calm and ends with felling of "yeah I got what I need".

7 - enough of me 4:14

Starts like a lulaby music. John Frusciante second voice is perfect.
Ends fast as it can be.

8 - central 7:16

At beginning I fell like I'm on the Heaven (the felling of "everything is fine").
In midle to end the music make the central point to one of the best guitar solos.

9 - one more of me 4:06

The voice here is the main point, COOL!!
But the violin here was essential! The #1 for users view in this blog.

10 - After the ending 3:57

Clear mind, clear life... just live.
Also perfect voice and effects over the voices.

The bonus tracks I don't have them ;(
After read the poem I guess I've got a little of message within this masterpiece called The Empyrean. It's good to know that my impressions was "fine" (not right or wrong) with the intend of John Frusciante. I'll write one conclusion about the whole album history soon.

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