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John Frusciante New Interview August 2013

John Frusciante did a interview for a japanese site, I roughly (by using software) translate it to English:

I had not become familiar with the 202, it was found that what someone can invent a melody like you've never came up until now. As a musician, I was aware that we are repeating the same pattern.

Comparing the electronic music and pop music, pop music is close to Mozart, electronic music I'm close to Beethoven. There in front of musical elements is the focus of one, other factors rather than being made to the foundation, various elements'm intertwined at the same time. In other words, I have a number of factors that can at the same time become the focus. In electronic music, drum if many has become the focus, but vocal'm a central element in the lock.

So you want to self-expression among the electronic music, we have to approach in a different way at all melody.

I began playing jazz as a child. I did not understand jazz at that time, but that's why I wanted to learn. Because it was a different music and thinking of me, I wanted to learn. I began to study the music John Coltrane and Miles Davis from there. And I was able to learn a new way of thinking. In life, I'm continuing the process. I thought the fact that you step into the world of electronic music, and learn a new approach. That it is surrounded by a variety of equipment, and programming each, press the play button of the equipment of one, it is played all equipment is synchronized, it was fresh for me. It was possible to leave the sensation was very free feeling, and it is only one component of the overall picture myself. It was found to able to produce an overall picture yourself alone. Instead of the players only, I could be a composer. To play the guitar as a member of the band often limit. When you write songs as a guitarist of the band, and I just have provided a blueprint. When you make an electronic music, it is possible to address the creative process is not affiliated with the songwriting traditional. Then, it is possible to build up the songs starting from an abstract concept.

Moreover, their controls it all, I can handle directly the sound itself. Rather than simply playing by changing the pitch of the instrument, it is possible that changes the sound itself, to create a harmony tone. The band, the only hope that the pitch that you have to play an instrument, other musicians us produce harmony. When you play in a band, there is no choice but to play along with drummer, but it is possible to control the rhythm very dense in electronic music. In the band, we have to play by observing the drummer, and here also have to drop the speed I also increase the speed of playing drummer when you speed up, drummer've cut the speed. Drummer I made to have a very power band, but drummer from'm not writing songs, I think there's up to with musical power and funny. When making electronic music alone, their also a drummer can make all parts and it is possible to process the sound.

Engineers worry of whether'll make the sound of his ideal is eliminated. Making electronic music is, I'm meant to be free musically for me. If further and say, rock music I'm a electronic music essentially. Category of the genre, many do not have a sense theoretical in reality. For example, genre of alternative rock'm funny. I do a lock just. Can not understand or gave such a name why (laughs). And I just had the form of a logical evolution of the lock. Alternative Rock, a translation was (another possibility) Alternative to lock earlier, but even what type of music, I'm an alternative to the music of the past (laughs).

Making electronic music is, I'm meant to be free musically for me Some people are regarded as completely different and rock electronic music, but if there are no people who are making the circuit board, rock music does not exist. Well, because of that reason does not exist without amplifier, pickup, recording equipment, sound systems, rock music, I'm dependent on electronics. As a result of making electronic music for many years, we studied the electronic music, I began to listen to rock music in a completely different approach. If you listen to rock music, the nature of the room, which was recorded and method of engineers began to listen to these days. I was made to listen as well as or through the amplifier how it sounds and original instruments.

In that sense, rock music I'm a one with electronic music. The side of the lock inside of me is, I is integrated with aspects of electronic music gradually. For example, rock song that contains the "PBX", but is produced in approach, such as jungle and electronic music abstract. I never imagined it Being able to tune in that method. When you are learning how to make electronic music, I did not even think that. Now, that there are no sense of working among the one genre. It is a combination of music of all styles, and any musical elements among their own can also be incorporated freely.

Musical elements of their own 20 years ago, musical elements of their ten years ago I incorporated. I do not have gap between the music and me. The rock band and orchestra, there is always some sort of wall between the musicians and music. For example, composer also composed the work, can have conductor, orchestra if there is, there may be problems circumstantial to grant the wish of their own. In electronic music, composer is released completely. In order to realize a sound heard among his head, to be dependent on others, such because I completely lost. And it is possible to listen to music while making in real time.

There is no need to do not have to show you from writing songs for the band, and wait to be finished or in what kind of sound the band to play actually. And act to create, act of listening because occur at the same time, it's got to mean the freedom of the best for me. I at making electronic music is, is the most free music, and I'm such because it is the most complete approach to making music.

Source: invisible movement

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