Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Letur Lefr - Lyric - In your eyes

Lyrics >> In Your Eyes

I was holding on to what just goes and goes
Absence won't change
Memories can be the chains that won't let go of endless motion
Every sign is a window you look through, or see yourself in
Who becomes that reflection but we who lose ourselves in abstraction
And won't turn round from facing in while our eyes look out
Between dirt and the path that seeds grow
Is the carrier of light to your dome
Takes everything everywhere, nothing to nowhere
With passion the director
Two opposed go together
And they come from their center
In your eyes I will make a home
It's the only way to look back and see ahead
Hold in motion
You are the sun to me

(John Frusciante)


  1. Damn. This is so incredible.

  2. john, don't ever lose touch
    you are the seed from which much musical
    connectivity has, is and will continue to spring
    forth from and that is brilliant and life affirming
    i love you bro