Tuesday, April 17, 2012

XRay of FruscianteNews.com Readers

This post is completely out of relevance for Frusciante fans, it's only a x-ray of the readers of this site. The last 30 days I've collected some interesting data about you, the Frusciante News Reader. The site receives only an average of 4.5K users montly however with 7.8K page views, most of you reach this site by Googling by frusciante therms (like: frusciante news, john frusciante 2012 and etc). The next sections will try to show who you are!

The language

  1. English (any kind of) 57%
  2. Spanish 7%
  3. French 4%
  4. Brazilian Portuguese 4%

The places

  1. U.S. 23%
  2. Germany 10%
  3. U.K. 9%
  4. Spain 4%
  5. Brazil 4%
  6. Canada 4%
  7. Australia 3%

Technical side

Most of you uses Windows and Mac, and you use Chrome, Firefox and Safari in that order. From mobile side there was a surprise for me, around 75% of users uses iPad followed by iPhone and Android like devices.


Sure this data was collected only the last month and it's only based on readers of this site, it really never reflects the profile of John Frusciante Fan, it is only a matter of curiosity. I hope you have enjoyed this.

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