Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chili Peppers have quoted John Frusciante at Q Magazine Set 2011

The Q magazine will publish in September 2011, an interview with Chili Peppers, see bellow where they've quoted mr John Frusciante.
Q:Why did he leave again?Flea: You’d really have to ask him: probably a billion different little reasons. John is a very intelligent man and he’s doing what he wants to do. What more could you want for anyone?
Q:Did you have any sense that it was coming?
F: I’m open for anything to happen at any time.
Anthony Kiedis: It did not surprise me in the slightest. When the tour ended i knew that change was coming – and as the months went on, and i heard… things about John, then i knew it was a matter of time. But i never once felt like it was over for the band, just that John was going to bow out gracefully, which he completely did. It was for the good of everybody and a blessing for us all.
Q:So you never considered not continuing as the Red Hot Chili Peppers – given you’d now been through seven guitarists?
AK: Gosh. Do you know, i have not counted guitarists.. But no, speaking for myself, i did not. I think it would have been kind of quitting to do that, because i always think the best is yet to come.
F: I’d thought that if John did go that i would definitely not want to continue the band without him, But after he left, something kind of shifted in me and i found myself a really profound love fo the Chili Peppers and particually Anthony. You know, we’ve been friends since we were 15. We were inseparable. And even though are relationship has been really antagonistic… We’re very different types of people: we offend each other and we can both be a couple of self-righteous twat cunt-faces. But i really love the guy and he’s my brother.
Q:How was it for you, Josh- joining a band with such a shared history and having to fill someone else’s rather imposing shoes?
Josh Klinghoffer: I couldn’t begin to think that i’d ever replace [Frusciante]. So i could only resolve to and do something new with these guys.
AK: As beautiful as John’s shoes were, i don’t think that we ever expected Josh to be like him – just bring out some new shoes. Josh has incredible footwear.

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