Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What people says about John Frusciante on Twitter - 06, April 2011

I had a silly ideia post the opinion of people which are quoting, writing, talking about John Frusciante on Twitter. All this was written by people today a few hours ago. (04/06/2011 23:55PM).

GhostPuncherX New favorite: John Frusciante Height Down - Ghost Puncher Remix by Ghost Puncher on #SoundCloud

 floramaymanson how some people don't like john frusciante is something i will never ever understand

mootbooxle @eo_ire_itum Frusciante's Curtains LP is so good! The Will To Death is also great. I also highly recommend Kashmir's album "Zitilites"!

Scratches_ Se o John Frusciante tivesse twitter eu ia ENTUPÍ-LO de replies. Enviaria umas... TREZENTAS POR SEGUNDO. Queria ver ele não me responder... (ing: If John Frusciante would had a twitter account I would full his twitter with replies... THREE HUNDREDS FOR SECOND. I would like to see if he wasn't answer me...)

versusaura80 Control by John Frusciante right now!!!!

  BojiFrusciante John Frusciante cheers me up.

cygahr I liked a YouTube video -- So Would Have I - John Frusciante live

carlypalmero john frusciante, in my opinion, is the greatest guitar player of all time. the shit he can do with his fingers is fuckin magical.

araujocaroliine Video: John Frusciante - Carvel ♥

sabbathist John Frusciante was invited to play in Frank Zappa's band but refused when he was told he had to be drug free to join. True story.

AirAlex88 Forgot how good John Frusciante is. Want to buy a guitar again

claucarpes You'll make it through the day. See things another way and behold. Listen to wednesday's song. (John Frusciante)

Yeah even  with little news about him Frusciante continues in our mind.


  1. does john have a twitter account? if so, what is it? thanks

  2. No, Until totay (04/15/2011) "There is no official Twitter account at this time." it's on the official site (!

    This is the people just quoting Frusciante on their twitters.