Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Learning Process

The musics Enough of Me & Take me On (A-Ha) & Ziggy Stardust inspires me to write it! I always try to figure out how works the learning process. I already have the possibility to learn this on the college class of A.I.. Deep inside I think that all the human being has their own way to get some data and change it to a valid information. So, I don't believe in any magical formula to teach or learning, we could have some ways and some directives but each human being thinks, learn and react in a single way. This singularity mades us divine. I'm not throwing away all the work that some people did on "learning process". (or at least is not my intention)

The hardest part of process is teach, there some people which are feasible to learn math easily than the others. Someone to claim yourself as a teacher should know how hard is it. Teach is a art like the music is too, IMHO!

Music has the basis on Math teaching, Math to me is very fun and pleasure but to other it could be a stone on foot. In other hand biology is very hard to me but easily for the others. The human creativity is something amazing, think about: how much video clips and musics did you see? and how much of them are similar... fews! Our great power is the creation and the learning.

I love read almost all kinds of book! (since biograph 'til sci-FI) Feel free to recomend your best one.


  1. You could read the "Great Think"!

  2. Maybe a dictionary is what you need. nahh just kidding! Seriously try "The Flyer"

  3. You just tell the names... but who are the authors?