Friday, December 11, 2009

The art of writing a book, music, poem, simple text

A text is the main point to pass knowledge! Normally it comes well formed by using logical connections between the central ideas! You can't write about something that you haven't been introduced. A text is a set of words connected by ideas, and these connections should be organized hierarchal. A phrase should make sense for the reader, your art is done to be appreciated by the others. You don’t need to reach the entire world but you must reach some else and yourself!

Write is about time!

Music, Poem, Novel, Romance, Musical... Almost everything you've wrote or read is placed into a timestamp. You can flow normally the time, starting with the begging passing though the middle and reaching the end of history. Some fancy writers starts by the ending and then explain how things goes to reach that end.

If we would like to write a music? We have certain restrictions as: space, we need to tell the whole history in few lines, we will probably use poetic words to given some special meaning. The music can use the sounds to fills up the gaps of text. Your art should not care about money or time or buzzwords or any fashion on time.

You usually don't produce good things when you are centered by money. You can't copy the people just because they are selling more, you do can take some influences, and you’re a mix of all kinds’ influences.

After all that...

I doubt you can just tell me that it’s easy to write a good text / book / music. So connect your ideas and shares them! (Sorry for the simplification of those concepts which deserves a book!)

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