Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just to be clear

In this right moment I'm hearding Lever Pulled and thinking that I can't understand why I have receive so much criticism about my last post -

John Frusciante will be replaced by Josh: It will be just another anoying comment or the reality?.

Just to be clear... I wrote in almost every line that it was a comment (rumour, bla bla bla)!

hey man slow down! One more time I don't wanna to ofend anyone. After all, I have a fix thought in my mind. I just want that John Frusciante be happy.

Okay (we're cool), now just check it out the beautiful Lever Pulled.

Lever Pulled
You're the feeling of hurting
More is wath
I'm asking for
Little lies cross overboard
Wait for the crying
Love to aim at besides
Lever pulled
Go where you are little pond
Never be seen by your saw
We'll work it out
Now the feelings are right where you saw
Forever is right where we were
Never be clean
Lever pulled
Be where you are

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