Thursday, February 19, 2009

MMSW - Modern Music Statistic Way

A modern world requires a modern view of numbers too(at least partiality). My MMSW is looking for sites that offers ways to see numbers.
The first MMSW is to The Empyrean album from John Frusciante.

By Buyers:
According with Amazon the Emperyan is the best seller from Frusciante.
Stil on Amazon: Sales Rank: #313 in Music (See Bestsellers in Music)
#3 in Music > Alternative Rock > Hardcore & Punk > Emo
#10 in Music > Classic Rock > Psychedelic Rock
#19 in Music > Rock > Oldies & Retro

By Downloads:
According with MiniNova The Empyrean Album has 247 people serving download and 120 donwloading now.

By Lyrics:
According with none music of new Album The Empyrean reach the popularity (I guess they use not a date range but all time) of the others musics.
Source: (1º Song To Sing When I'm Lonely, 2º Omission)
According with (Brazilian lyric site) "most accessed " the music is Central is on 47º position (1º Song To Sing When I'm Lonely, 2º Going Inside).

By GoogleFigth:
According with GoogleFigth the Word The Empyrean is so much searched as John Frusciante
Source: (JF - 244000 results, TE - 208000 results)

By site comparison:
Accordignt with Alexa Web Information the official site get a growth (visitors) of 351% by the last months.
Source: (there is a lot of information here, nice site)

For those like/love numbers I guess the Internet can serves you!
ps: I've created the term MMSW :P

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