Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am Rael - Imrael - Frusciante's post



Analyzing Title

Frusciante's new post is Imrael. Just for fun I try to figure out what is Rael and I have these options:
It's just my interpretation for what is Imrael (I'm Rael or I'm Real or .... ) from that options above I believe that it could be "the title of a song on the album The Who Sell Out released in 1967 by the band The Who" and you?

Enjoy the content

The post is very clear with some points about The Empyrean content and brings much of Frusciante's ideas. After all I can't explain all acknoledges there just read it to understand. To read click here.

* All this is my opinion and don't express what it really means. Only John Frusciante knows what it means.


  1. I just been reading JF's new post too (that's how I found your blog: I was looking for an explanation of Imrael ;-) ). Such a beautiful writing style! (JF, not you ;-)). Actually - I still have no idea what kind of Rael he means - but somehow I like your suggestion of that Berkeley Uni Laboratory - kinda fits with his analogy of the sun :-)

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Yeah, just JF knows what he wants to tell with imrael word! :) We just can speculate!

  3. I found some content at Google for Imrael.
    It seems that he can be talking about a mithological been, actually a demon slayer angel.

  4. Andre It seems to be more Frusciante... I think you're rigth

  5. I think that Imrael is kind of a mixture between the word game "Imrael-I am real" (which is actually what I thought first time I heard it) and the demon slayer angel thing, which I found out about three days ago. John is always refering to the spirits that guide him through his music, and I think more than once they have been torturing him and messing with his mind, hence the idea of himself fighting them. And on the other side he is playing with terms of existence and our knowledge of reality in his tipical amazing way. This and his other work really makes me think that he is a genious in a weird way of insanity.And also, he rocks =)