Thursday, January 29, 2009

The butterfly effect - Imrael John Frusciante's post

At my last post I was trying to dig deeper around the John Frusciante's post about imrael on your official. One more time I was surprised in just one day the visitors jump from 56 (daily) to 249 uniques. The Frusciante influence is incredible look the most searched keyword to this blog:
Imrael was the word (that I tried to explain here) that made 41,18% of all access to this blog yesterday. The Frusciante's fans (including me) read your post and everybody was trying to discovery why John puts imrael as title. I'm Fascinating by all this movement, the people really get interested in what they read. (oh man how much I love art more I want it, I believe that the art is our time to stand next of God.)

The green scale tells which country is visiting this more. ( stronger green = more visitors, weaker green = less visitors )
This is the John Frusciante on World with your The Empyrean Album.
This is Cool man! :)


  1. that's how I found this blog aswell.. I was like, 'wtf does imrael mean... I bet i'm the only one who dosn't know..." Guess I wasn't ha.

  2. Oh no, I believe the most guys here and there don't even know what means imrael... just John! (Any interviewer could be reading this stuffs and purpose to Frusciante the question "WTF is imrael?")