Thursday, August 11, 2016

Anthony Kiedis about Frusciante possible come back

In a recent interview Anthony Kiedis answered some questions and one of them was about mister Frusciante:

Josh is on guitar now, it this the final formation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or the door is it still open for a return of John Frusciante?
“Ha! Ha! Ha! I would simply say that there is no door. It’s not necessary. I think he’s happy with what he did and I am extremely happy with what I’m doing with Josh. He’s an incredibly creative and inspired musician. I will always be grateful to have made music with John. He is one of the great rockers. But he does not miss me.” 

He said he hasn’t recently spoken to Frusciante:

“No, but I heard something positive, whether he wanted to hear the album or not, he did. I thought it would be the opposite. It shows that he cares about us.”


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