Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Two new interviews with John Frusciante about Trickfinger

Source: Groove.de
  • “The idea that a musician isn’t qualified to be an engineer was just standard rock ignorance.”
  • “Starting a recording with a pre-written song is an antiquated method of making a musical recording.”
  • "The Empyrean, which I knew would be the last rock album I would make"
  • "But when I made Trickfinger, I was alone, feeling disconnected from my rock friends and still had no electronic friends"
  • "I had absolutely no interest in making hip hop."

  • "I see electronic music as this area where you're free to be master and leader"
  • "that's what it was in my old band—we didn't sit around, hang out and listen to records or anything."

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