Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Empyrean 6 years after

At the day 20 of January it'll be 6 years since we've got this amazing album, titled The Empyrean, this is my preferred set of musics from John Frusciante. John once said:
 "a single story both musically and lyrically."
I personally believe and understood this album as John Frusciante's biography, mostly how he see, approaches, understands and believes in spiritual world. Coming from the creation, passing through dark and light, being the center of all, discovering who he is really and what's his role in the world and closing with a special closure, what will happen after the ending.

It is a remarkable album you all should (re)listen to it. I hope we can listen a new Frusciante album soon. Sorry to let my personal opinion lead this article but THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE.

Fan's covers (1 gotcha)

One of the (deliberately) secrets...

How about play 3x faster Before the Beginning and at normal speed After the Ending.

Track listing

Almost all songs written and composed by John Frusciante, exception being the "Song to the Siren" which was written by Tim Buckley and his writing partner Larry Beckett.
1."Before the Beginning"  9:09
2."Song to the Siren"3:33
3."Unreachable"  6:10
4."God"  3:23
5."Dark/Light"  8:30
6."Heaven"  4:03
7."Enough of Me"  4:14
8."Central"  7:16
9."One More of Me"  4:06
10."After the Ending"  3:38
11."Today" (Japanese release only)4:38
12."Ah Yom" (US iTunes Store and Japanese release only)3:17
13."Here, Air" (free download)3:47


  • Ryan Hewitt – recording engineer
  • Adam Samuels – recording engineer
  • Steve Hoffman – mastering engineer
  • Dave Lee – instrument tech
  • Anthony Zamora – production coordination


Charts (2009)Peak position
Dutch Album Chart61[14]
Swiss Album Chart57[14]
UK Albums Chart105[15]
US Billboard 200151[16]

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