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John Frusciante Biography - Part 6 Around

The guys from Universo Frusciante did an amazing job to make this biography of John Frusciante crafted from stories, facts and quotes from interviews and testimonials.  And I will just to bring it to you in English.


But in early 1998, the transformation happened: John decides to internal in a rehabilitation clinic and begin the long road back. Later, he was changing the story involving his rehabilitation for a story where it left off with the drugs doing an interpretive dance to the music of Black Sabbath and saying he went to a detox unit, just because he did not have a place to become, since his decision to leave the drugs was not encouraged by anyone. He also said he was trying to stay clean for a year, and if life had not proved it to be better, he would have to return the drug and wait patiently for death.
"When I stopped doing drugs I do not feel that I was John Frusciante. Near the end of the era of drug addiction, I felt I had not expressed any thing, that the life of John Frusciante should have been. Right now the only way expression I had was dancing. I used to have a life quite large in the room and I did nothing but dance all day with the songs I liked - Black Sabbath, Cure and others, but not music to dance properly. I played music through dancing, I translated the song or lyrics in a visual way. Not a banal way, but in a way that makes sense to me "...
The Cure - Close To Me
"Now my reactions are not what one would expect, but the opposite kind: for example, what makes others happy makes me sad. During three months I did nothing but dance and in the end I felt again regrouping the spirits and taking me out of something. "
In 1998, to his surprise, Anthony goes to visit him and after a while, John, Anthony, Flea and Chad are walking together again. Dave Navarro who was present Peppers guitarist, has problems with the band and decides to leave her. Flea says that there came a time when the band stalled, the chemistry between them and Dave was no longer working.And then he spoke with Anthony about calling John back to the Peppers ...

In April 1998, it was announced that Navarro had left the band due to creative differences. Kiedis stated that the decision was "mutual."

Reports at the time, however, indicate that the output Navarro came after he attended a band practice under great influence of drugs, reached a point that he was so high, he fell back on his own amplifier.
"I want money, fuck the music!" - Dave Navarro after leaving the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dave Navarro - Rexall
Music "Trust No One" first solo Dave Navarro, released in 2001.
When I returned to the real world after being in the hospital, I felt that all the people coming out of drugs suffer. Everyday things become boring. I was there again, but I used to spend days watching movies with my friend Toni, 3 or 4 hours per day. I had nothing to do, I was looking for something to make me start again. For a moment I thought I'd play with Perry Farrell, then did nothing. When I was in the hospital I felt I had already returned to the RHCP. Anthony (Kiedis) was visiting me once when we were together and I felt his energy.We were very well put together again, and that's the reason I had to stay in a band. We do not talk about the past, which were synchronized again. We live different lives for a long time, and now we were at the same point. It's like when the planets align.

It was not a conscious decision, it had to happen. After a period film, I made some changes.Moved to a small apartment where I could be in my own space, listen to my records, play. I started writing again. It all started when I went back to RHCP, because I had a reason to play guitar constantly. I did not hear the music more for personal pleasure, but to develop and create a style for the album we were recording. I had a new goal and as a side effect, I found myself writing songs for me. Being with RHCP has always been good for my creativity. "
On April 28, 1998, it was officially announced that John Frusciante back again being the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

On June 5, 1998, the band played an acoustic surprise radio KBLT of Los Angeles, the first of John in his return to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John has played two of his songs solo; Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo and Untitled # 11. 

Live the band but never played the songs from the album "One Hot Minute". 
When John left the band (1992-1997), he was replaced by Dave Navarro. It was a pleasure and an honor to play with Dave, he is a great person and a wonderful guitarist. So much fun together. The band was a completely different thing when he was in it, as you can hear a song from that era, "My Friends". People often ask me: "How do you do that? Where do you get this energy? Why are you still a band relevant when a lot of other guys started the band? ". The answer to this question is in two parts: first, we are nothing if not petty shit stains, pledged a spiritual cosmic field, where our universe is nothing if not a point crispy smegma. Secondly, we work. We are focused on this thing for a long time. And while we might be being glamorous and spending our money, we sat in a room and think about chords in b-flat, C sharp, times, grooves, textures, laying-back (?) And new ways of playing harmonies with each other . Elbow grease, blue diamond necklace. We care about our music, we love music, it is interesting for us. We hardly scratched the the surface of the wonderful mystery that involves. We feel that what we are doing is something significant. We are here to serve people, to perform a function that we think is of great help to the world. We believe that. Throttle. When any person is helping others, it is at its best. That's where we try to stay. - Flea

I had not given me realize how much my way of dealing with it was detrimental before he left the band. Never understood how sensitive he was and how much I hurt. I did not know all the sarcasm, the jokes, the jabs and pranks really hurt him had a profound impact on him.

When John left the band, I resented him for not being my friend and abandon our musical camaraderie. But all the time he remained outside the group, facing their anguish, prayed for him constantly. In recovery meetings I learned that one of the reasons why alcoholics drink is on hold grudges. One of the techniques they teach stop getting rid of resentment is to pray for that person that has everything you want to achieve in your life, until one day you say, "I do not feel anything bad by it." This was one of reasons I prayed for John. The other is that I do not want him to die sad and miserable, then he prayed for all quasse dias.Em January 1998, Bob Forrest convinced John to go to Los Encinos, the same treatment center who received WC Fields. At that time John had left the heroine. but smoked crack and drank. I visited him there and he seemed committed to their cause, the more there was something strange. Our conversations were rare and weird. From time to time we talked about Nirvana songs and drawings from Da Vinci.Eu was open to the possibility of John returning to the band, although I seem remote. After leaving Los Encinos in early February, he rented a small apartment in Silver Lake. One day in April, Flea was there and he sat down to listen to music. Flea then threw the question: - What do you think of returning to play in the band?

John began to babble and said: - Nothing in the world would make me more feliz.Os two wept and abraçarama awhile. Flea then traveled to Cambodia, which gave time for John and I we made amends and definitely conversássemos about the problems we had in the past. Flea expecting a report from our extensive deliberations to reach an agreement, all of our repressed animosity, but none of us felt it. The main problem was that John did not even have a guitar. So we went to Guitar Center and bought him an excellent Stratocaster 1962.

John was excited about returning to the band, but also felt assusutado because they did not play long. We decided that his return would be smooth - the only thing that mattered was playing. We were not even there to close contracts to record, for the fact that our producer had resigned or that our label lost interest in us. In mattered.Just wanted to come and play in a garage rock together ... - Anthony Kiedis
On June 12, the band reunited and made a show of warming was just an introduction to his first major performance as the former band in Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, Sunday, June 14, 1998. Most fans were delighted to see John back, although he was still not fully fit, he was constantly focused on recovering and playing better and better every day.

The Power Of Equality
Tibetan Freedom Concert - 1998

Before the release of the anticipated album of the Chili Peppers, Californication, John begins what would become a constant in his musical career, the prolific contributions and collaborations on albums by various music genres. In Banyan - Anytime at All, the band's second album founded by Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros), John plays guitar on two tracks on the album (# 5 Grease the System) and (# 6 La Sirena).

John has collaborated on You Come and Go Like A Pop Song, only album released by The Bicycle Thief (Bob Forrest and Josh Klinghoffer). John participates in the Band "Cereal Song" guitar playing (song is often credited as being the and John, because of the story in the letter, which speaks of involvement with drugs and the consequences he suffered similar).
"There are few people who can go places spiritual, John can - and come back to talk about it. It is a good piece of magic." - Stephen Perkins

Arrives June 8, 1999, the seventh studio album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is released, "Californication" with the "new" John Frusciante.

The return of John was responsible for changing the band's sound altogether. The recording was responsible for a noticeable change in style, contradicting what had been produced by Navarro. The material of the album contains songs that had no concept that incorporated more themes more varied and different to previous albums.As lust, death, contemplations of suicide, drugs, globalization and more importantly run by a man who seemed to kill his own inner demons with his guitar and his falsetto.

An example is Parallel Universe, a song about the world in which John lived at the time of the drug, a parallel universe to which he conversed with spirits ...

It is also known that Anthony Kiedis wrote "This Velvet Glove", starting from an account that had John.
"John said to be a kind of heaven-hell."
Anthony says in a verse of This Velvet Glove, "John says to live above hell"
Parallel Universe
Deep inlet of a parallel universe ...
Under water where thoughts can breathe easily
Far away you were made ​​in the sea.

The problems within the band had finished (mainly between John and Anthony). John was very happy to be returning to play with the Peppers. The songs on the album "Californication" reflect a little solo work John, while rescues sound "funky" in the early years of the band!
"There is no true story about how John came back, it was really the way that fate and energies made it back. I really did not want to take credit for it. All we wanted him back. I was the one who kept a friendship with him when he was not in the band. But there was a time that I did not see much. John reached a point in your life that soon he was ready and willing to return to the band, was when we had finished with Dave Navarro. E seemed the right thing. was definitely a rebirth for all of us. Their ability to focus and discipline, and never even wondered what he's doing, it's beautiful and pure, and surrender completely to what is phenomenal. He is a phenomenal person, and he is a fantastic artist and I'm glad to play with him. He's the best. "Flea
"At the time of Blood Sugar, my fingers were much stronger, because I played nonstop since the age of 12. Before Californication, I went through a period of about seven years in which almost did not catch on guitar. But I worked hard on both . On Blood Sugar, I focused on Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel (Funkadelic). On Californication, went to the side Bernard Summer (Joy Division) or Mathew Ashman (Bow Wow Wow), people with colorful styles that did not use notes significance blues. A b3 a 4 or 5, if touched in a certain rhythm and a certain way, does not fall into the blues. In the 70s, a lot of good music was created without the blues as a starting point. want my style to be as well. did not start playing guitar because of the blues and its derivatives. "
Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue - Guitar
Also in 1999, John begins writing songs for her third solo album.

During this particular year, John also had an operation to replace his dentures with "built-in" synthetic teeth.

In 2000, John made a guest appearance in the sixth studio album by Fishbone "Fishbone and the Familyhood Nextperience Present: The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx", along with Flea and Chad Smith (Shakey Ground Cover the Temptations).

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