Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Ultimate Guitar Interview more John Frusciante being quoted

Stadium Arcadium was a big record for the band and then John Frusciante kind of left in its wake. What were you thinking?
Anthony Kiedis: Well, for one thing it wasn’t a “kind of” leaves—it was a very definitive leave. I guess it depends on who you ask as to what the next step would be. For me it seemed like an appropriate change—like that was really the only thing that could have happened. I don’t think that we could’ve continued with John just because it was done. And I think we all kind of knew that in our heart of hearts and I kind of applaud him for making that move. It never crossed my mind to do anything other than continue on but I think Flea and Chad probably had their own thoughts and emotions about it.


We spoke back during the Californication album and John Frusciante described your approach to writing as dealing with colors. Did that still hold true on the I’m With You record?
Kiedis: Yeah, I think he was probably just finding a way to explain that I kind go more from intuition and feeling than from a specific musical education or knowledge of how music works on a mathematical level or something like this. More just by ear and waves of color and inspiration from god knows where.


There’s a lot of room for you as a guitar player to bring out your ideas and experiment?
Klinghoffer: The comparison between John and I that I’ve read is like me being more textural than him. To me, with Flea and Chad holding down so much weight, I don’t see how you couldn’t play like I play and I don’t see how you couldn’t play like John plays. There is so much room for one to be themselves, which I think is what this band is about. For Anthony and all of us—everyone does what they do personally and thoughtfully.


Certainly a lot of bands losing a guitar player could not survive that change.
Kiedis: Everybody contributes equally mentality so when we lose somebody as important as John—who’s such a creative force in the universe—it wasn’t a killer because there’s still three other people that are creative forces that have been contributing equally from day one and from note one. So it’s not like any single individual is responsible for writing or carrying the weight of the band. We share it.


And your vocals take on these different characteristics where they don’t even sound like Anthony Kiedis.
Kiedis: There’s a lot of different vocal tones in that song—it has three or four very distinctive vocal flavors but they all feel like me to me. I like that Frank Zappa gets a shout out in the lyrics.
Is that right?
Kiedis: Well, “the mothers of invention are the best.” John was deep into Frank Zappa.
Klinghoffer: Oh, really?
Kiedis: It’s weird, right?
Klinghoffer: I wouldn’t have thought.
Kiedis: Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought.

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