Wednesday, July 1, 2009

English Language by a Foreign

I've receveid some comments and e-mails which people tell me that my english is: "very POOR", "You should STOP to write..."... and the list goes on.
First statement: I'm not a "native english man", so errors will be here and there but I guess the main intend that is the comunication will not be affected.

And for all those with good criticism, thanks I'll always correct any mispelled words, sentence...
I'm not perfect (away from it) so sorry for the possible errors (grammar, vocabulary...)!


  1. Leandro, I was very happy to stumble upon your blog revolving around John Frusciante, The Empyrean, Chili Peppers, etc. I think you're doing fine with the language, certainly much better than I'd be doing if I was trying to write an entire blog in Spanish or Porteguese (not sure what your native language is). Kudos to you for ignoring the criticism & continuing on with something that you enjoy! Besides, writing in a foreign language is a great way to get better at it! <-:

  2. I am an native English speaker and I think your grasp of the language is better then many americans.